What is Friendzy?

Friendzy.gg is an easy-to-use platform where social media meets decentralized finance (DeFi).

Through seamless integration with the Solana blockchain, it empowers users to buy and sell Creator Keys of individuals they admire.

Friendzy ecosystem facilitates the trading of attributes such as popularity, likeness, and networking influence associated with creators and influencers.

Who can be a Creator?
Anyone with an account can become a Creator.
Where can I see my Keys?
All acquired Keys are readily visible within your Solana wallet. These Keys are on-chain and can be transferred to any wallet of your choice.
Do Key Holders receive benefits?
Yes, keyholders stand to receive benefits, although the nature and extent of these benefits are determined by Creators themselves.
How much are the royalties?
There is a 4% royalty for both creators and platform on each key that is minted or burned through the platform's system.
What happens If I change my handle?

No worries! If you change your username on , your Friendzy profile will still be connected.

You’ll be able to access your Friendzy profile like usual, and all your earned royalties will be safe.

How does the verification on Friendzy work?

In order to verify you have to associate your wallet address with your Friendzy and profile, a tweet, uniquely generated and endowed with a distinct ID, must be published by you.

This unique ID is integral to our internal verification mechanism, enabling the linking of the owner of the profile to their wallet.

How do I change the wallet address that’s linked to my profiles?
If you need to change your wallet address, you have to go through the entire verification process again.
Does Friendzy.gg have access to my X profile?

No, the verification process does not grant Friendzy access to your profile.

It is strictly used to associate your profile with your address and does not access or control any private information or account settings.

How can I check if my Friendzy profile is verified?

Once your profile is successfully verified, you will see a blue checkmark next to your username.

While unverified profiles display a banner that reads: "This user has not yet verified their account. The keys you purchase may not provide any holder benefits until the user verifies their account."

How can I claim my royalties?

To withdraw your royalties, please first verify your Friendzy profile, then click "Claim." Your royalties will swiftly be transferred to your associated wallet.

The first claim for royalties requires a minimum earning of 0.00847 in your Friendzy profile. Subsequent claims do not have a minimum requirement.

Why do I get an error when searching?

greatly limits the number of times we can search a username. Your search is queued and should be available up to 10 minutes after it has been performed.